At My Day To-Do we believe in building software where you, the user does less, hence our motto “You do less”.  You can see our beliefs echoed in the products  we have released so far.

My Day To-Do

Our flagship product a simple to use Task management app that has several advanced feature which will become apparent once to start using it.

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I was there

Our first image processing and artificial intelligence powered app that was a product of our ‘research labs’

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Numbers game

A fun little game where which helps you get better at calculations. The goal is to help you get better at calculating things without using the calculator. You can monitor your progress on how well you do with your Math calculations in the results section which shows, the time taken for each problem. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

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Simple ‘N’ Easy

As the name suggests, it’s simple and it’s very easy. It’s one of the simplest day planners that you will be able to find out there. It’s FREE, so just download it and give it a try

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Captain’s Personal Log

This is a note taking app where instead of typing your notes, you talk to it and it will convert what you say to text i.e. it will do the note writing for you, all you need to do is just talk to it. Our first app that does Natural language processing and also the first to feature user sign-up and cloud storage. There will be an Android version as well as a web version out for it soon, so you can access and create your notes across multiple devices.

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Simple Notes

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[appbox googleplay screenshots com.mydaytodo.simplenotes]

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