Internships at My Day To-Do involve anywhere between 12-16 hours of committments per week. You have a choice of either working from home or at our office in building K-17 Barker St, UNSW, Kensington, NSW, 2052.

Internship at My Day To-Do means you can,

  1. Have your work showcased in a product used by many worldwide
  2. Feel a sense of achievement to see your work being used in a product used by people worldwide
  3. Work alongside the founder and learn from his thought process in building cost-effective solutions
  4. Get training to be ready for the job market on graduation
  5. Enjoy the convenience of using tools that make your day to day job easier
  6. Get a reference for your future job applications

Marketing internship

Currently we are looking for marketing interns for social media and “third-party services hire” management.

Design internship

We are looking for design interns to help us polish our app UI. Send us your resume with any of your past work as well as how much time can you allocate for this.


Send us your resume at