Our story

Our origins can be traced back to that fateful day when the founder tried to use a to-do list app after a traumatic life event, to plan the day and get things done (GTD). There was a sudden realisation that, a lot of apps had a level of complexity to them, hence work began on the flagship product i.e. My Day To-Do. The original goal was to build a single product that simplifies the process of planning your e.g. a single step process to adding a todo, this led to our company motto “You do less”! As time went by, out app development skills got better and we saw similar opportunities in other types of apps, hence we have released a number of other iOS apps to the app store. We have apps that use Artificial Intelligence, Image processing , Natural language processing to solve problems.

Recently, we also released an Android app to the Google Play Store. You can have a look at all our apps here.

p.s. While this was originally a one person startup, a number of people have worked on the projects over the years maximum six at some point. The external employees include, interns, contractors and freelancers, however their services are hired for a specific project.

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