Our story

The origins of My Day To-Do can be traced back to that fateful day when the founder Bhuman was a pedestrian crossing the road and a driver ran the red light, hit him and he was left for dead on the road (left 4 dead – haha, he lived it? seriously though that happened). Post accident the paramedics said that Bhuman wouldn’t live! He lived but suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident that among other things gave him short term memory loss (Amnesia) and cost him his relationship with his long term girlfriend. It was at this time that Bhuman started working on My Day To-Do  to help him in this recovery process and to cope with his many many losses. In hindsight he should have just found himself at the bottom of the bottle but unfortunately or fortunately, he doesn’t drink Alcohol, hence coding his way to recovery was the only solution in sight for him. If you want to read the full story, you can read it here

That was then,  a year later after releasing the app to the App Store Bhuman saw an interest (a market) for the product, therefore he decided to work on it full-time and turn it into a startup.