Part of the reason I have not written a new blog post in over a month is because I was on a holiday and that too in a place where I did not have the best internet connection. The other part is that I am trying to make my next technical blog post more captivating than my previous posts.

What prompted the initiative to write more engaging posts?

During my holiday I met someone new and during the introductory phase I asked her “so what do you do?” to which she replied, “I am a content writer” and I thought, WOAH! Prior to meeting her, I had never met anyone who did that, I mean the concept of “content writer” was new to me. So as usual when presented with a new concept, I try to analyse it and think more about it. I though hmm, if there is a job dedicated to it, then content creation is something that shouldn’t be ignored.  I was thinking about all this in the context of my blog and the posts I write i.e. the content I create on my blog. The conclusion to all my thinking was that in addition to having relevant content, I should present the information on my blog in a way that, provides a unique reading experience so it can benefit readers that know and don’t know about the content.

What about my next technical blog post?

I have been writing my next technical blog post for a little over 20 days and a number of things can be blamed for this delay,
  1. My holiday: at least 15 out of those 20 days were part of my holiday. I started working on the next post when I was on holiday, so as expected I wasn’t terribly productivity at that time. 
  2. Change in scope: when I first started writing my next post it looked very different from what it looks now. After I met that “content writer” and as I kept writing the post, I kept getting new ideas on how to present the information in my next blog post.
  3. Java, ohh I love Java, so so much: since October 2015 and releasing my iOS app, My Day Todos I have spent a lot of time working with Swift and some Javascript. While I love working with Swift(awesome language), I did miss Java somewhat, I mean Java is my first love as my background has been in writing server-side Java code. JavaRestfulBackend is the name of my new open-source Github repository which has code that I will reference in my next blog post. I honestly did not realise how much I had missed Java until I started working with it again. So I may have written some extra code, played around with a few things that I really didn’t need to but it was too much fun and it consumed some of my time – I was on holiday anyway so I was quite relaxed with my schedule anyway. 

When will the post for JavaRestfulBackend be published?

I recently published my post on that repo and it’s titled Java RESTful backend for an app about the Galaxy’s finest smugglers. Please have a read and let me know if you like it or have any other opinion regarding my new approach to writing a post, any feedback is welcome!


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