Getting started with iOS programming using Swift

I have not been too fond of Objective-C, which was the primary reason for me to stay away from making iOS apps till now. So what changed? Well Apple has

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni September 20, 2014

Sending browser notifications from a web-app

So I came across a data-mining product that presents very useful information via a web-app. In this post, I will talk about sending browser notifications  i.e. send notifications in a

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni August 4, 2014

Jquery library to draw charts

At work(ongoing,full-time contract) we use the Google Visualizaton library for our various data visualisation needs. So naturally when I was building this tool to streamline the process of Post Traumatic Amnesia(PTA)

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni June 1, 2014

Reading a Sqlite database using client-side Javascript

Ever had one of those problems at work that seems almost impossible (i.e. very hard) to solve at first? well i did and not so long ago, and tuns out

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni May 26, 2014

Getting to know a new programming project…

So since Feb this year, i have been assigned on a new project at work. This new project involves working with a variety of independent sub-projects for this client and

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni May 16, 2014
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