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String immutability in Javascript & Strings in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Like the previous post on this blog, this post focuses on Salesforce

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni January 6, 2021

Find the middle node of a LinkedList

My solution to the coding problem to find the middle node of

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni December 9, 2020

Testing NodeJS API with supertest & Jest

Lately, I have been working with NodeJS to build APIs. Testing is

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni November 1, 2020

“make sure that the argument HttpService at index [0] is available” NestJS error

I have been working a lot with NestJS lately and I have

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni October 24, 2020

e2e testing websites with Cypress

Recently, I was trying to improve the quality of the software we

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni September 20, 2020
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