My time was occupied by resolving a few personal matters this last month and a half and therefore it’s been some time since I had the opportunity to write a new blog post. A few things have been happening on my end and in this post I will provide some brief info on what some of those things are, namely 
  1. A recent spike in downloads for My Day To-Do Lite
  2. My next app that I am working on
  3. The topic of my next technical blog post or what problem do I solve in it

App Store Downloads

I always knew about the power of ASO and localised app name but only recently did I experience the power of ASO first hand. I released My Day To-Do Lite towards the end of December 2015 and it wasn’t until September 2016 that I saw a spike in the number of downloads for it. To put this into perspective, the number of downloads I have had for the Lite version in September, October and the first half of Nov, 2016 were more than those combined of all the previous months since it’s release. How? well, I made some minor changes to the name of the App (how it’s spelled), added localised app names and added better localised keywords and I supposed all that made the app more visible on the App Store.

My next app

The pricing model that I have for My Day To-Do right now is a somewhat older model of having a free version and then a paid version. Recently I increased the amount of choice people have for buying the paid version by giving them more choices for the paid versions i.e. making it a total of 4 versions of the app that includes 3 paid versions and a free version. The different versions along with their prices (in USD) are listed below,
  1. My Day To-Do Tier 4 i.e. $4.99 
  2. My Day To-Do W Tier 2 i.e. $1.99 
  3. My Day To-Do LC Tier 1 i.e. $0.99
  4. My Day To-Do Lite Free
I have since realised by reading a number of online articles that this sales model is old and what works these days is giving the users a free app in which they can unlock the features that they want via In-App Purchases(IAP). Therefore I will be applying this knowledge to my next app which will be a free app with IAP. I also plan to think about whether or not I should be adding IAP to My Day To-Do Lite(free) and try to evaluate if it makes sense to do that with My Day To-Do Lite. Anyway at this stage, I learning all about the StoreKit framework and thus how to add IAP to your app.

My next technical blog post

I have been working with recording Audio in iOS and as usual given it was the first time I was working on this, I looked up some online tutorials on how to record audio on iOS. All the tutorials I found were great and it did help me get the job done which included record an audio and then playback the recording. All this was working great, I would record some audio using the microphone and then playback the recording and all was well until I would make changes to the UI and relaunch the app in the simulator. Once I would relaunch(build and run) the app in the simulator,  I could no longer playback my previously recorded audio files? Later I realised that this was a bit of a rookie mistake on my part especially since I had  not worked with recording Audio on iOS before. Once I solved this, the solution to this almost seemed obvious but none of the online tutorials on Audio recording or SO questions I came across on Audio recording seemed to have an answer to my problem. Therefore now that I have solved this problem, I was talk about my it as well as my solution in greater detail in my next blog post, hoping it saves the next programmer some time.


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