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Parse JSON objects in iOS Swift from WKWebView

Up to this point, I had only worked with the UIWebView in

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni November 28, 2017

Capture webpage screenshot from web app

A few months ago, I had to add a feature to this

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni January 1, 2015

Modifying scope variables outside AngularJS controller

So, work involves a fair bit of AngualrJS from time and again

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni October 6, 2014

Sending browser notifications from a web-app

So I came across a data-mining product that presents very useful information

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni August 4, 2014

Jquery library to draw charts

At work(ongoing,full-time contract) we use the Google Visualizaton library for our various data

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni June 1, 2014
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