As I am building the e-commerce app for the other startup, I ran into a problem where I had to filter an array of objects in an Observable (Angular). Obvservable as in one of the RxJS operators. The problem was not hard and the solution is quite simple and I will share that in this post.

RxJS operators

I think before going into this, it’s important to understand some of the RxJS operators, mainly the pipe operator.


You can have a read of it’s definition on the RxJS website but in summary it provides a cleaner way of chaining together multiple functions


If you have used the map method of the array type in Javascript, then you know what this does. It applies every your defined function to every value emitted by the Observable.


This one’s also self-explanatory. I mean, you supply a function to it that returns a boolean which checks whether the value passes the conditions specified by the Observable.

Observable (Angular) & Solution

The scenario is, we have a set of items that we are offering through our e-commerce site for the users to buy. Our app is written in Angular and display items via an item observable. The problem is we need to filter the observable based on a certain query and here’s the solution for it.
private items: Observable<Item[]>;
this.itemObservable.pipe (
   map(items => 
    items.filter(item => > -1)) )
Yes, it’s really that simple. Pipe the item array in the itemObservable, map each item in the array and check whether or not it matches the condition. The condition in our case is to check whether or not it matches the search query.

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Very Useful – Thank you

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