I finally reached this milestone, I submitted my first iOS app for review to the Apple app store, polishing the app and doing some last minute testing and all kept me very vey busy for the last two weekends. I have been working on this app for over a year now and the following posts,

  1. Building my first mobile app: The journey so far – Part 1: The background
  2. Building my first mobile app: The journey so far – Part 2: App inception
  3. Building my first mobile app: The journey so far – Part 3: App released

tell the story of how a major life event(tragedy) lead me to begin working on this app.

Why reject the first accepted build?

Two weeks ago on a Sunday evening, I had submitted my first build for review and I managed to get a response in 7 days and that build was approved to be released to the app store. So why didn’t I? well after I submitted the build for review, I managed to find 2 very small bugs, to do with the initial state of the app, so those bugs could only be spotted when you do a fresh install and perform certain specific actions. The bug fixes were really small, but the fact that I saw the bugs, I simple couldn’t release it without fixing them. In either case the review process did help me with one thing i.e. I wanted to see if there is anything obviously wrong with my build to prevent it from being released on the app store. So turns out there isn’t, so on getting the feedback from Apple, I just had the build “developer rejected” and submitted a new build for review.

So what did I learn from this experience?

Like, I said in one of my previous posts, HAVE A TEST PLAN BEFORE STARTING DEVELOPMENT. Really, I cannot stress this enough, having a test plan before starting development can be so very helpful, especially if development stretches over a substantial period of time and new features are added during development. At least having a test plan, if not automated tests, would be very helpful when the app is closer to being released.

What’s next?

I need to build a website for the app with a good landing page and all, so that is one of the things, that I will be focusing in the coming days.
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