I realise that it has taken me some time to write a new blogpost and the reason being, there’s a lot happening right now and my brain is juggling between one to many disparate things. Some of these things are

  1. An attempt at free marketing via uploading app tutorial videos on Instagram and YouTube and hoping they would go viral or generate some buzz
  2. How a meeting with a marketing expert made us realise that building a more professional company website should be out top priotity
Ok without further a due, let’s get started by talking about free marketing

FREE Marketing

As of the last 3 to 4 weeks, I have started using Instagram quite a bit i.e. one of the trainers at my gym asked me to get on Instagram and I was like “sure why not”, I could potentially share pictures taken with our new FREE app, I was there.
Once I started using Instagram (Insta), I just realised how easy it is to share media (picture or video) on it. Sharing soon became a regular thing and then instead of mostly sharing pictures I also started sharing videos. Insta is like Twitter but only easier and the best thing is that whatever you share on Instagram you can set it to be shared on Facebook too. The one thing I noticed on Insta is that compared to Twitter it’s much easier to search for hashtags on it, well at least on their respective iOS apps that I use on my iPhone. What do I mean? well, if you are sharing a post on Insta, once you enter a hashtag and start typing the letters, the hashtag auto-suggest works much better than that of the Twitter app.
One of the major disadvantages of Insta over Twitter is that you cannot post links or at least interactive web links with your post? Also Insta is mostly mobile app only, there is a web interface but it’s limited and you cannot do much on it.

Insta Videos

After I shared my first gym workout video on Insta (because of course I did), I realised how easy it is to upload videos so that got me thinking “hmm, maybe I could upload some videos of how to do certain things in My Day To-Do“. So I recorded a series of 5 short videos of how to use some of the functionality in My Day To-Do and tried to share it on Insta. Unfortunately, I could only upload one of them, now at this point I should mention that I live in part of the world with some really backwards ADSL2+ internet connection. I am an Australian living in Sydney and we all know our internet is just bad, talking about the painfully slow government NBN rollout would be a rant and I prefer not doing that on my blog.


I was working from home while doing this and since Insta didn’t work out, I turned my attention to one of the most popular free service for streaming videos i.e. YouTube. Fortunately I could do this quite easily with my ADSL2+ connection, a little slow but it did get the job done. My thought process was that if I add some videos on My Day To-Do and add some appropriate keywords to it and then share those videos on social media i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc, will that result in a more awareness and then downloads boast? Yes uploading videos was a “LOT” of work, seriously this entire process of social media marketing can just be so exhausting at times. Also every time I do this, I can’t help but think that it’s really not the best use of my time. I mean I am a skilled programmer after all. Anyway have a look at some of the videos that I have created for my app,

Adding a todo and voice change in My Day To-Do (MDT)

How to Filter todos in MDT

How to accidentally not delete a todo in MDT

Share your tasks via sms on social media

How MDT says your name, reads your day and weather

I plan to add a few more to that list that cover other aspects of My Day To-Do such as setting alarms, searching and personalising it.


This one is always tough to measure, I mean there has been a minor increase in downloads but you can see for yourself that the YouTube videos have had very few views. Not sure what else can I do to get more views for these videos? If you know a way to do so, then please let me know in the comments below.

What’s next on this?

For starters, the plan is to create similar videos for the simplified Chinese localisations and share it on YouKu, which is essentially Chinese YouTube. Why? As of now YouTube videos are accessible in all parts of world except China and China is an important market for us, hence these videos need to get on YouKu.Also as I try to make My Day To-Do into a start-up that’s a product based company, it’s important to have a more professional website, which brings us to the next part of this post.

New Company Website

This one was a long time coming, last year someone told me “Bhuman get a more professional company website, it’s high time” but that was always a lower priority task, until now…

What happened?

I had a meeting with marketing advisor, ok so I think his position or designation is that of a “growth hacker“. Click on that link if you do not know what a growth hacker is but my understanding is that it’s just another fancier word for marketing.
In our meeting we realised that the growth hacker had actually done some research into My Day To-Do and who I am and what I do. He knew a bit about the product and more importantly in this case, about my blog. He told us that my given the length of a lot of my blogposts and often being packed with searchable words that Google search “likes”, I should move my blog to the My Day To-Do company website. This way people will access the blog on your website and it will be much better for My Day To-Do’s brand recognition. So this was all I needed to hear to move building a company website higher on the priority list.

and in comes WordPress…..

Yes so almost every supposedly professional company website these days is built with WordPress and on some initial research I realised why?  WordPress has a wealth of helpful templates that a lot of the professional websites are built on, hence using WordPress was a no-brainer and I started building the new website with it. This is still a work in progress but I happy with what we have so far. WordPress is about plugins and it has a ton of useful plugins, one of which is called Blogger Importer and thanks to that I have managed to port my entire blog (all the posts) to the new company website. You can have a look at the new website here, actually please do and let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below.

How did we know about plugins?

A Google search on Popular WordPress Plugins helped me find the following plugins.
  1. A2 Fixed W3 Total Cache
  2. A2 Optimized WP
  3. Akismet Anti-Spam
  4. Blogger Importer
  5. EWWW Image Optimizer
  6. Free & Simple Contact Form Plugin – Pirateforms
  7. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  8. Google XML Sitemaps
  9. Team Members
  10. Rename wp-login.php

These articles about 20 Best WordPress Plugins 2018 –  and 20 Must Have WordPress Plugins  are worth a read.p.s. we are using A2Hosting for hosting our WordPress website

What’s left todo?

Not a whole lot but what’s left is quite important,
  1. Figure out how to display ads via Google AdSense on the blog
  2. Move the website from the staging area i.e. www.mydaytodos.com/companyWebsite to www.mydaytodo.com
That’s it from the technical side of building a WordPress website.

one more thing….

I think before we close this, it would be good to mention that this is not the company’s first attempt at building a more professional company website via WordPress. Earlier this year we had a front-end engineer intern work at My Day To-Do and he was assigned the task of building the new company website. He was/is a smart kid and was making some good progress until the end of his university semester was approaching at which point he took a couple of weeks off. I couldn’t wait for him to return and decided to start building it myself and building a WordPress website really isn’t that hard. It’s actually quite simple and it’s amazing that it requires little or no coding.


Ok so let’s call it a day here. In summary I have talked a little bit about yet another one of my attempts at marketing and how I went about it. The value current social media landscape can add to your startup and in helping you grow your product. Also I shared some insight on what a growth hacker told me about building my brand recognition via blogging from my company website as opposed to Google blogger here. Now that last statement is a little ironic isn’t it?If youAs usual, if you find any of my posts useful, support us by  buying or even trying one of our products and leave us a review on the app store.
‎My Day To-Do - Smart Task List
‎My Day To-Do - Smart Task List

‎Snap! I was there
‎Snap! I was there
Developer: Bhuman Soni
Price: Free
Numbers Game: Calculation Master
Numbers Game: Calculation Master
‎Simple 'N' Easy: Todos & food
‎Simple 'N' Easy: Todos & food
‎Captain's Personal Log
‎Captain's Personal Log
Developer: Bhuman Soni
Price: $4.99
My Simple Notes
My Simple Notes
Developer: Bhuman Soni
Price: Free


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