In the last few years, I have gotten pretty all right at developing for iOS, it’s a jump from being a web and BI developer for the 6+ years before that. Recently, I tried to see if I can think of an app concept, document it, start working on it and submit it to the app store for review in a day? Well…as I discovered, I cannot, it takes me close to 2 days or 3 working days to do so. This is my timesheet for that entire process,

  • 5:00am: Think about the problem the app solves and write a blogpost
  • 7:00am: Think of the app UI concept
  • 9:30am: Start learning those unknown iOS API
  • 1:00pm: After lunch start coding the app in question
  • 9:00pm: After having a gym and dinner break, stop working on the nearly complete app.
Next day
  • 6:00am: Finish the app i.e. from nearly complete to complete
  • 8:00am: Think of the app icon design concept
  • 9:00am: Make the app icon
  • 1:00pm: Do a final round of testing
  • 2:00pm: Think of and write the app store description and keywords
  • 4:00pm: Upload and submit the app to the app store for review
  • A a day later: App approved and released!!!

The blogpost that I wrote between 5 to 7am is The Numbers Game: Requirements. FYI, there’s also an Android version of this app but that was built separately i.e. that’s a Hybrid app built using Ionic Framework. If you wanted to try a version, I would recommend try the iOS version, in it’s current state, it’s a bit more optimised than the Android version.

As usual, if you find any of my posts useful support us by  buying or even trying one of our apps and leave us a review on the app store.

Or why don’t you try Numbers Game for iOS or Android (btw, the Android app was developed separately than this)

Numbers Game: Calculation Master
Numbers Game: Calculation Master



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