In this post we will talk about a young student and how she solved her problem of taking notes during a lecture.

Meet Mary

Mary is a 20 year old girl who lives in Lexington, Kentucky and doing her undergraduate degree at the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Kentucky. She’s not the most technically savvy person and can also be forgetful at times. She’s in the second year of her degree and often finds herself struggling to keep up with what’s happening in class.


Mary’s in the first semester of the second year and her classes are theory heavy which include several 3 hour lectures during the week.


So far to keep up to speed with what’s taught in class she tried making pen & paper notes during lectures. Not detailed notes but simply bullet points that would help jog her memory on what was taught in class when required. This was effective at first but she soon found herself misplacing those notes. Especially when she wanted to look at them weeks later to remember what was taught or when she wanted to share them with friends.

Then, on one of her birthdays, her dad gifted her the new iPhone and she thought, she could use her iPhone to help her stay up to speed.

The iPhone App Store

She discovered and tried a dozen or so note taking apps for her iPhone but had one major problem with all of them. She often found them a little complicated for her liking, since a lot of the apps she tried, had her go through at least a 2 step process to make a new note.

Later that semester

Later in the semester, frustrated at her failure to find a digital solution, she came across and downloaded this other to-do list app. The one thing that tempted Mary the most was the app screenshot that said “fast task entry“. Also the app’s Tagline or marketing pitch i.e. “your favourite todo list app where you don’t have to set reminders” or “it can wake you up and talk to you“. These lines sure got her curious about what the app was like.

Once she started using the app, she realised why it was worth her time i.e. it was quite effective at helping her make notes in class. You see, this app wasn’t good looking but it was functional and made good on it’s “fast task entry” promise on it’s App Store screenshot. Hmm, what does that mean? You see, noting down something i.e. adding a to-do was a very simple process i.e. all you have to do is tap the input to enter to-do text and press ‘Go’ on your iPhone keyboard. Once you press ‘Go’, input area is cleared, a to-do is added to your list but the keyboard is still visible for you to add more. Mary found herself taking lots of notes with this app during class which she hadn’t done before.

After her class as Mary went about her day and hours later her iPhone vibrated. It wasn’t a message but a notification from the app, that showed her the lecture notes she made earlier. To this she thought, it must be what the tagline “your favourite todo list app where you don’t have to set reminders” meant!

Mary had a great first day with the app as she managed to note down a number of useful tips from her Digital Design 101 class. Later that day when she came home, she decided to use the app’s alarm feature and set an alarm to wake her up for class the next day.

p.s. you can have a look at this video on YouTube that shows fast task entry in that app

The next morning

The alarm rang next morning from the app and as soon as she turned it off she heard

“Good morning Mary….” followed by the app reading the notes she made the day before and it ended with “as for the weather it can be described as light rain with the approximate temperature of 70°F”

Surprised and confused at first she later realised that this is probably what the app tagline “it can wake you up and talk to you” meant.

Revisiting her notes later

Now the to-do list app that Mary was using had her keep track of her to-do list based on her todo list for each day. This worked well for her as with this app Mary could just scroll to the date of the lecture and retrieve the lecture notes.

Sharing notes

Now if any of her friends want her notes for a particular lecture, she could just access her notes entries for that day on the app and send it to her friends. Sharing in this app was easy with it’s simple to use share feature.

Have a look at this video that shows, how to share your day to-do list via sms.

Hmmm would you like to know more about the app that solved Mary’s problem?

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