Ahh! another day another thing to do in the life of a startup founder. Recently, we sent out an email to all the users who have subscribed to My Day To-Do, inviting them to talk to us about our product. Therefore in this post, I will be talking about how exactly did we invite our users to come for an interview i.e. Mailchimp, what was the response like and what can I do better next?

That Subscribe button…

My Day To-Do has had a subscribe button for quite a while now and it hadn’t really done anything other than collect user email addresses. Yes simply that, we are collecting email addresses and storing them in a Firebase Database. If you need to know some technical details about Firebase, you can read my post here. The plan was to send an email out to those who have subscribed at ‘some point’!!! That ‘some point’ hadn’t come just yet, but now it was finally here i.e. over a 100 people voluntarily gave us their email addresses by going into the Personalise section of My Day To-Do and writing their email address followed by tapping subscribe. So how did we send an email? well I discovered this awesome tool called mailchimp

p.s. maybe my approach to waiting till we receive 100+ email addresses probably wasn’t the right approach but that’s a discussion for another post.


Mailchimp is tool for sending out emails periodically or otherwise to your subscribers and you can also manage subscribers to your blog. Maybe I didn’t explain that clearly enough, if so then have a read of what they offer on their features page. Apart from having, perhaps the cutest name, it’s also quite useful. I had heard a lot about people using it but like everything else, I just could not find the time to setup and even though I have started using it, my knowledge is far from perfect.

How to use Mailchimp

This was the first time I was working with Mailchimp so I obviously did not know how to use it but now I do, thanks to this awesome tutorial! Check it out, it covers the basics and talks about a little extra. What extra? well it teaches you how to have a ‘subscribe to’ button on your blog and you can configure it such that it will send out an email to your subscribers with a new post at periodic intervals.

My understanding is, the way a mailing list works is that people subscribe to your blog and periodically Mailchimp will send out an email to your subscribers with any of new post(s) that you have written. The frequency at which it sends out emails is something that you can configure? That’s something that I plan to find out as I will be adding a “subscribe” button for this blog very soon.

The email campaign

The email campaign was really just a one-off email that I sent out everyone that had subscribed and this is what it looked like

It’s a simple message and all we do is ask our subscribers as to how we can help them stay on top of their day and get things done. Then we give them the following choices

  1. Meet us face to face if they live in Sydney. We could meet at a cafe and talk over coffee
  2. We can talk over a video call
  3. Or if they like, they can just email us what they think

I think the email has far too much text and most people probably won’t be read all that text and I should have found a way to send the entire message with a set of images. I mean I would much rather send the subscribers this message where they simply look at a set of pictures and understand what they are being asked. I thought a lot about it but I simply couldn’t come up with anything meaningful in time so I just sent this text heavy email. However I added a picture of that cute kitty in it, even though it’s completely irrelevant to the app. I was hoping for the puss in boots eyes effect for people to fall in love with and agree to talk to us.

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Results (so far…)

Hmm…. so within 2 hours of sending this email out about 4 people unsubscribed!!! The way I took it was that “ohh awesome! Some, (at least these 4) people read the email”. Anyway so far, of the 125 subscribers, 37 have opened (possibly read) the email and 4 have unsubscribed. No one has replied to us agreeing to have a chat with us about our product.

It is a little dressing yes but hey at least 4 people read the email, that’s something right? All in all this is what it is, isn’t it? That’s what being a startup founder is, a ton of struggle for something that may or may not have a payoff (positive final outcome) in the end!


For those of you reading this blog who do not know about Mailchimp, I would recommend it’s worth checking it out. If you have a problem where you need to maintain subscribers or to mass email your subscribers, it’s great for that job.

In this post I spoke about how I tried (and failed so far) to engage the subscribers of My Day To-Do. We are at a point in My Day To-Do where we really need some feedback from our users. Hence sending out an email to our subscribers and inviting them to share their thoughts on our product and how can we improve was the right course of action.

….and the startup grind continues on.

As usual, if you find any of my posts useful and want to support me, buy or even try one of our products and leave us a review on the app store.

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‎My Day To-Do Lite - Task list
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