In this short blogpost, I am going to attempt at writing a couple of user stories and then maybe try to frame it around a fictional narrative like two my previous posts (this and this). Not sure if I will do the latter of the above but let’s get started with the user story.

User background

The user we are focused on is Melody, who’s a devout Catholic, a mother of two boys and is in her early  30’s. Her sons can be pretty full-on and during the holiday season in the year she’s very busy and has trouble staying organised. One of her toughest things for her is the time of the year when she has to do her Christmas shopping.This year, to help herself stay organised, she’s thinking of downloading a to-do list app on her phone. She’s hoping the app would help her with her Christmas shopping.

As a Christmas shopper

Melody wants the following form her to-do list app,

I want to be able to categorize gifts for the person I am buying it for.

I want to be able to specify where I am buying the gifts from.

When I note down the gift items, I want the app to suggest where I can get the gift item, at the best price.

I want to be able to send my list to someone so if I don’t have time, they can buy it for me.

I want to be able to keep track of the gifts that I purchased and be reminded on what I forgot.


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