I started making iOS apps soon after Xcode 6 beta was released, one of the main attractions for me was the new programming language, Swift. I really enjoyed coding in Swift but making an iOS app is more than just about coding in Swift, there’s a whole bunch of additional stuff that you need to know. In this blog post, I am just going to share a list of online resources that helped me learn how to make iOS apps and eventually get to creating my first iOS app My Day Todos. Ok, I will try to get through the resources that I found in Chronological order,

In the beginning…

Swift was new and Xcode 6 was still in beta, so there weren’t a whole lot of useful resources out there, some of my SO questions were down-voted and closed. In fact for one of my questions someone on SO who possibly down-voted my question commented that, “this is not a real question, it is so simple to do this in Objective-C”… I am pretty sure my question was very clear about me working with Swift.

Anyway, the tutorials here, served as a great starting point. What I found very useful at the time was that it not only teaches you about iOS controls but also explains certain Xcode terminology, which is helps a lot when you are working with Xcode for the first time. Not all the tutorials on that site (at the time of writing this post) have been migrated to Swift 2 but the essence of those tutorials is still pretty solid and it covers a variety of topics in a coherent manner.

p.s. I am still waiting for the e-book on that site I pre-ordered over a year ago?

I also needed to learn CoreData, I do not remember exactly which one, but I am pretty sure it was one of the tutorials on RayWenderlich.com that helped me learn that.

I got to know iOS a bit better

At this time I found iOSCreator, which provides a very of short and very easy to follow tutorials. Ohh did I mention Swift is awesome? Well, it is and there is a GitHub repository to justify that 🙂 Awesome Swift contains a collection of Swift resources(tutorials, libs etc) across the web and I found it quite useful.

I released my first iOS app

I found An App Launch Guide: this really talks about all the non-coding things that you should do before or after you release your app.

Ohh and since we are talking about non-dev stuff here, this YouTube video by Jared Davidson, is a great walkthrough of how to submit your app to the app store for review. 

Lastly, I am working on my second iOS app now…

Right now, I am working on my second iOS app and unlike my first iOS app, this one is going to be a “purely native” iOS app. My first iOS app, My Day Todos is a native iOS app that uses Html5 based UI, similar to what’s found in this repo(Html5StarterAppWithSwift), but my next app will be using iOS controls for the UI. While trying to learn more about segues and all, I found this: Start Developing iOS apps(Swift)  and I find it very useful and I mean it has to be, it is sort of an official tutorial after all!

I am working on my app full-time right now so if you find my blog posts useful and want to support me you can 
  1. Either buy the complete version of My Day To-Do
  2. Or one of the limtied (cheaper) versions, LC or W
  3. Or just give the Lite(free) version a try
Any feedback on my apps or the way I write my post, would be great.


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