Pros & cons of reactive programming

I skipped ahead in my last few technical posts where I talked about reactive programming implementation via RxJS. To fully understand the effectiveness of something, it's always good to start

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni April 25, 2021

Staying fit during quarantine / lockdown

This is a personal post, unlike my normal posts which are on problem solving with Javascript, Java or Swift. The last two months have been somewhat crazy and only now

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni March 17, 2021

Creation & transform RxJS Operators

I wrote about RxJS and Observables in my last post by drawing comparing it with traditional Javascript promises. I mentioned in that post that I was going to explore Observables

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni February 18, 2021

RxJS Observables vs Javascript Promise

In the Javascript world, those that have been working with Angular, would know about Observables and everyone else, they would know Promise. Hence, let's look at RxJS Observables vs Javascript

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni January 30, 2021

How to setup MongoDB, Mongo shell & Compass GUI locally

I have spent a lot of time working with MongoDB and NodeJS lately. The most recent project at my work is all about building APIs. Mostly, REST APIs and the

Bhuman Soni Bhuman Soni January 20, 2021
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