In my previous post, I talked about how I tried marketing my app by boosting a post on my app’s Facebook page. I wrote about some of my early analysis that and much more, if you want to know more about my previous post, you can read it here. I concluded my previous post by talking about the next step in my marketing efforts which was to promote the Facebook page for My Day To-Do. I ran two ad campaigns to promote my FB page which I will discuss here. I will talk about in detail about the first ad campaign I ran for the page promotion, the number of likes I got as a result of it and whether or not I think I got any downloads as a result of it? I will also share my thoughts on what I think of this sort marketing approach and is worth it for someone who’s selling an iOS app.


Following on from my previous post and given just how easy it was to get a marketing campaign going, I thought let me give this another try and perhaps refine my approach for better results. By results I mean, have it generate more revenue or downloads for my app and since I have had a Facebook page my app ever since it’s release, I thought why not promote it. I was aware that Facebook is not used in China, or it’s blocked or whatever, the point is I knew I could not reach my app’s Chinese users via a Facebook ad campaign.

Page promotion campaign  1

The purpose of this ad campaign was simply to get a feel for Page promotion and reach everyone except those in China. So in the interested of getting the ad campaign going quickly, I set it up by selecting 10 countries, and targeted both men and women of all ages. Here’s a breakdown of the details 
Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Spain, United Kingdom: England, India, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Peru, Sweden, Taiwan, United States or South Africa

Ages: 13-60

Interests: IPhone, Mobile phones, IPad, App Store (iOS), Speech synthesis, Smartphones, IOS, IPhone 4S, The To Do List, IPad Mini, IPad (4th generation) or IPad Air
Budget: Max $10 a day

In summary my ad for the page promotion should reach everyone between the age of 13 – 60 who have the interests listed above and who live in the countries listed above. 
If anyone were to ask me why did I choose those 10 countries, the answer is no particular reason. Really I just looked at the map and selected the countries one by one. Yes I was going through the map and selecting countries one by one, I could not find anything in the Facebook ad UI that would just let me select “All countries”, so I kept selecting countries till I got tired of it. 

Campaign 1 results

Below are some screenshots of my ad campaign results, 
Respondents genders

Respondents age groups

Results summary

As you can see Facebook provides a good summary via it’s ads UI for the page promotion results, so in order to save you some effort let me list down some numbers,

  • People reached: 6428 -> 1838 likes (28%)
    • 984 women -> 203 likes (20%)
    • 5442 men  ->  1635 likes (30%)
  • Ages reached 
    • 3588 13-17 -> 1446 likes (40%)
    • 2106 18-24 -> 338 likes  (16%)
    • 480 25-34  -> 37 likes (7.7%)
    • Others -> 17 likes

Results summary – Age group and gender

Over the 6 day period, My Day To-Do FB page got 1838 likes which meant that over 28% of the people this ad reached ended up liking the page.  It’s very clear that the majority of the audience for the ad campaign were males or to be more precise teenagers between 13-17. I mean 40% of the audience reached in that age group liked the page. This raised the following questions to me, 
  1. What aspect of My Day To-Do appeals to this age group?
  2. Given that this was just a page promotion and the number of downloads for my app, including the free version did not increase during this period. Is this a case of teenagers having access to a mobile phone and clicking like on whatever they see without fully understanding it? 
  3. How did the campaign reach those in the 13-17 age group? is it because those who are slightly older know how to use ad blocking and therefore my ad reached fewer people in that demographic?
  4. Why did the % of people reached in ages 18 and above and who ended up liking the page is so low? Could I have used a better ad screenshot to attract their attention? Have a look at the screenshot below to see what my ad campaign screenshot looked like?

Result summary – Country

Page likes by country

India -> 1754 (95%)
Kenya -> 65 (3.5%)
Brazil -> 8 (0.4%)
Others -> 11
As evident from the campaign results, India wins by a wide margin i.e. it is a landslide victory in terms of the number of likes by any country. Looking at those results I have the following question, 
  1. My goal with My Day To-Do was to make it an app that could benefit people in all locations but did I unconsciously add something to this app that helps solve a certain problem with day-to-day life in India?
  2. Were the people from India liking the page, using iPhones (or iPads)? I was in India for a holiday in early 2016 and one of the things I observed there were a staggeringly large number of mobile phone users. It’s a big country with lots and lots of people and everywhere I looked, I saw crowded streets where almost everyone had a smartphone in their hand (in at least in 2 cities). Yes smartphones and ANDROID phones, not iOS, mostly(90%) Android. why? well so I did ask around and in India there’s no concept of phone plans i.e. you cannot get a new phone on a 2 year contract and I don’t think the iPhone is officially available? That combined with the fact that you get some really really good Android phones there for relative low prices, makes Android phones a really attractive option. iPhone/iPad in India are treated more like luxury items that only the ‘rich’ can afford. If anyone from India is reading this post from India  and disagrees with what I have just said then please feel free to correct me and leave a comment.
  3. The top 2 countries that had the majority of likes were India and Kenya a very distant second,  so did my background have anything to do with it? My background or history spans across a number of countries and India and Kenya happen to be 2 of them. 

Final Summary – what I think happened 

The number of page likes combined with the app downloads not getting a boost during this time makes me think that the Facebook campaign was not effective for my business at this stage i.e. it didn’t help me generate any downloads/revenue or get more users. The fact that it was mostly teenagers between 13-17 combined with 95% of the likes coming from a country where a majority of the smartphone users use Android phones, makes me think that the page likes was just a case of either 
  1. Teenagers getting a brand new smartphone from their parents and are eager to just click on anything in sight
  2. Maybe it was boredom that lead them to just like an ad that popped up in their feed
Lastly, based on the messages that My Day To-Do received on it’s Facebook page, I am not sure if the people fully understood what the page is about. The name ‘My Day To-Do’ is somewhat catchy and people often think that it’s a to-do list within the Facebook messenger itself. Someone wrote, “hey how can I add this to my messenger so I can keep all the (pictures) I like from My Day”, someone actually typed out their entire day to-do list in a Facebook message sent to the page! and so on and so forth. I haven’t received any support based messages for the app and what’s more interesting is that the page has lost a lot more likes since the first Facebook campaign ended. When the first campaign ended, the page had 2026 likes, right now it’s at 1938 likes. One of the teenagers from India had liked a few of my posts on the page and had also posted a picture of himself on the page’s wall, a few days later he had ‘unliked’ the page as well as deleted his post on the wall with a picture of himself. 

Was it worth it?

The main question of it all, was the ad campaign worth it? hmm this is tricky, the answer is both yes and not, ok let me try to explain,

Why no?

The main objective of my app at this stage is to generate more revenue, downloads, get more active  or even get an idea of what users think of this and this ad campaign did deliver on any of that. 

Why yes?

This did spread the word for my app and now I know that the name My Day To-Do is indeed very catchy. This year, I plan to release the web version for the app and I think a page promotion such as this could potentially get more web users. The response from India only makes my desire to release an Android version of the app stronger. The Web version and the Android version of My Day To-Do are most certainly in the pipeline for this year, I hope I can make it happen.


Ok, to wrap things up, this was an interesting ad campaign and while it wasn’t beneficial to the current business goals, it does give me plenty to think about for the future. Following this ad campaign, I ran another more streamlined campaign for a different demographic that I thought may find My Day To-Do appealing. You can read about that in the next part of this post, here.

Finally, I am working on my app full-time right now so if you find my blog posts useful and want to support me you can 

  • Or download the Lite(free) version and leave us an App Store review that would really help

Any feedback on my apps or the way I write my post, would be great.


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